Teaching Activities

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the following courses:

Undergraduate-level courses:

Graduate (MBA, MS, and doctoral) and Executive-level courses:

In addition to my regular teaching activities, I also enjoy devoting time to mentor and supervise students in independent study/research during the regular as well as summer sessions. I have involved more than 50 students in all aspects of my research, from study design and data collection to writing. I also encourage them to develop their own research ideas. The success of these experiences is reflected by the fact that students working under my supervision and I have co-authored (a) more than 40 refereed journal articles (e.g., Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Annals, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Research Methods, Journal of Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Personnel Psychology), (b) more than 15 book chapters (e.g., Organizational Behavior: The State of the Science; International Handbook of Work and Organizational Psychology, Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology), and (c) more than 100 refereed papers presented at regional and national professional conferences (e.g., Academy of Management, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology). These activities have been especially beneficial for the students who feel their possibilities of being admitted to competitive doctoral programs and securing academic jobs are substantially enhanced due to their research experience and accomplishments. In addition, four of my students have been awarded research grants under my sponsorship.

I feel that being able to work with students individually outside of the classroom is an important teaching tool. I believe so not only because, in addition to the value of the particular research or application project, this allows students to have individual contact with me. This personal interaction is beneficial for students because we establish mentorship relationships that allow me to offer my advice in matters ranging from course selection to career options. It is very rewarding for me to see the results of my efforts translated into securing internships and jobs, or students’ development of an appreciation for the academic life and the role that the application of management knowledge can play a role in improving organizations and society in general.

Overall, I feel that my courses are demanding and challenging. They require papers, written examinations, oral presentations, extensive reading, and the successful completion of hands-on projects. Each of my courses requires that students complete a tangible/deliverable product that shows they have mastered the knowledge and skills acquired in the class (e.g., a proposal for the design and implementation of a performance management system, training program for expatriates who will be deployed in an international assignment). However, students often comment that despite the large amount of work (which some students occasionally disapprove), they have learned a lot and the course has been very useful. Students’ positive reactions to my courses are reflected in my student ratings and in their comments.

Part of my teaching activities also involves conducting research on pedagogical issues. Specifically, I have published results of such research in refereed journals including Academy of Management Learning and Education (AMLE—I am also a member of the editorial board) and Journal of Management Education as well as in edited books. Our 2014 article in AMLE titled “Scholarly impact: A pluralist conceptualization” was a runner-up for the Best AMLE Article of the Year Award.

Finally, I have also authored textbooks including Performance Management (2013, 3rd edition) and Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management (2011, 7th edition, with Wayne Cascio), which have been translated into several languages (e.g., Chinese, Arabic) and are used in universities around the world. In my view, authoring textbooks is also an important teaching activity.